Party Makeup Services

Party Makeup Services

Once you’ve found the perfect party dress, managed to track down the perfect shoes to go with it (that you thought existed only in your imagination), and the accompanying bag (a clutch, obviously), there’s only one thing left to pin down: the perfect party makeup looks to go with it. We at Gold & Blush create the ultimate party look that lasts & lasts. For a special occasion, especially an evening event, many women choose to put on a party face with a little bit of extra makeup. For a formal occasion, a special date or a holiday party, applying more glamorous makeup than what is ordinarily worn can make a woman feel beautiful.

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Best Party Makeup Services at Gold & Blush

Our party makeup services are performed by our talented makeup artists. We provide professional and unique party makeup services using high quality beauty products.

Best Service Quality: We provide quality party makeup services. Our service quality is differentiated from others in terms of experienced makeup artists and high quality cosmetics. We aim at providing perfect and unparalleled service.

Flexibility: We provide flawless party makeup services to our valuable clients. No matter what your event is, we will help you obtain to your desired look. We specialize in both Indian and western style makeup. Our makeup artists are always on track with the ongoing Indian and western style makeup trends. We will work with you to create your own customized look whether it’s natural, glamorous, sexy, or classic!

Gold & Blush is also very well known for its diverse beauty services. Along with party makeup services, we also provide services like facial threading & body waxing, bridal makeup and mehendi/heena on hands and feet.

On-Time Service We hate to keep our clients waiting for us. Our makeup team will be available at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time, whether it is your home or at the salon.

Different Makeup Styles for Parties

Makeup with Natural Look: Going to a party does not mean that you need to be all colored and glossy. If you are not a makeup lover and don’t like playing with your skin, we can provide you a natural looking makeup. Natural look makeup at Gold & Blush involves the use of a foundation to even out your skin tone and a little bit of earth-toned eye shadow. And finally, application of natural color lip gloss.

Makeup with Professional Look: If you are going to attend a formal office/professional party, it is best to go with the professional look. Professional look makeup at Gold & Blush involves the use of foundation and concealer as base makeup. We also try to give your face a natural look by using little pink blush and some earth toned eye shadow. Then we complete your professional party makeup with a light coat of mascara and a pink colored lipstick.

Makeup with Sexy Look: Sexy look are essential for events like night outs, prom night, bachelor/bachelorette parties. Our makeup artists can provide you a sexy look by just applying some red lipstick, smoky eye shadow and plenty of mascara.

Makeup with Dramatic Look: If you are amazed by the makeup used in beauty magazines and fashion shows, we can provide you with one. But this unusual makeup has to be suited to the event you will be attending. For a dramatic look, we use makeup like unusual eye shadow colors and applications painted on eyebrows and even lip color treatments that looks like plastic.

Makeup with Special Look: We use different makeup styles for your different special occasions. The events may include wedding, reception, cultural programs, etc. For events such as wedding, we try to create a look that comes between professional and sexy look. However, the style of wedding makeup depends on the type of wedding. For example, slightly heavy makeup is used for Indian wedding compared to others. However, the choice is always yours.